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Our High Performance Full Synthetic and Synthetic Blends & Additives: (available in all weights)
- Base Oil

Most important component of the engine oil, composes 80-90%. It sets the operational temperature range and the flow characteristics. Most stable, clean, lubricant and volatile oil is used. 

- Dispersants

The chemical that protects the engine from sludge, it attaches to soot, hydrocarbonacidic molecules and other acids and solids until oil filter removes them.

- Detergents

Our detergents clean the engine from deposits caused by high temperatures. That's done by simply neutralizing acids formed during the combustion process.

- Friction Modifiers

This additive sticks to metal surfaces which adds lubrication and reduces friction, thus improves fuel economy. 

- Seal Conditioners

Used in small doses to condition seals from hardening, for high milage cars and specific oil products. 


An important additive, it's used for anti-wear, extreme pressure, and anti-oxidant 

- Anti-Oxidants

Supplemental anti-oxidants are used to make sure oxidation is at minimum, stop varnish and carbon deposits also thickening oil.

- Rust & Corrosion Inhibitors

Designed to battle acids, oxygen and water from corroding the engine.

- Pour Point Depressants

Used to protect against forming wax crystals, not needed in full PAO and ester based oils.

- Anti-Foams

This additive is consisted from small suspended droplets that helps foam break faster if formed.

- carrier oil

Makes all the additives more soluble and gives the engine oil more viscosity. It is used more on heavier oils such as diesel engines oil. 

- Viscosity Index Improvers

This additive helps create multi-grades of engine oil, by improving viscosity of finished oil. 

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