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About Us

Alpha Lubricants was established in 2016, providing high quality US made lubricants to international markets and serving local markets, catering to the needs of different fields of business.

Alpha Lubricants takes special care to local markets in Texas, offering premium products at competitive prices in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

Alpha lubricants carries and stands behind its own brand. Ensuring best quality products, using latest technologies, that are up to date with constantly changing requirements.  

Alpha Lubricants goal is to provide not just a product but a solution to our customers' needs. 


Our Vision

To achieve excellence in our industry and be amongst the leaders, globally respected, financially sound and positioned to generate future value for Alpha Lubricants customers.


Our Mission

To utilize petroleum resources safely, profitably and responsibly to maximize value to our customers.

Our Values at Alpha Lubricants

What we do is important — and how we do it is even more so, creating upmost value to our customers by providing high quality products, using superior materials that last, and are environmentally sound. We value the natural resources that are available to us and want to do our part to sustain them, keeping an eye on future generations.

We work hard to earn the high regards of our customers. We demand integrity and personal accountability at every level of the company with an unwavering commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.

We promote innovation that improves processes and results, setting high standards for everyone who works at Alpha Lubricants. We reward top performance and ingenuity.

Again, we are committed to our customers and the environment and are continually looking to expand our offerings with products that are in alignment with our beliefs and values.

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